True Fellowship International Chaplain Academy., is designed to train and educate members of the body of Christ as qualified Chaplains.  This comes through classroom and hands on development.  Training involves preparing the student for events such as disaster relief, marriage & family counseling, comfort during death, and many situations that life bring upon us.

At TFICA, we will provide you with a new empowering vision of ministry so that you can become a transformative agent in the emerging global Christian community. Students in the chaplains program will encounter a diverse community of learners, enriching discussions, and content that challenges persons to think more deeply about their faith.


Our Beliefs

~We believe in the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

~We believe that God gave His only begotten Son and that whosoever believe on Him shall be saved (John 3:16).  As a Chaplain there must be some direction in your life led by the Holy Spirit of God to help and care for others, minister to many, provide comfort to the hurting among the many other aspects that humanity will open doors to.

~We believe in the doctrine of the Word of God and to follow that doctrine according to inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

True Fellowship Chaplain Academy is an independent Higher Education Institution Recognized by The State of Florida Department of Education Subsidiaries: Florida Theological Florida Ministry, Inc. Affiliations: National Chaplains Association; United Nations Ambassador for Human Rights & Status of Women