Dear Future Chaplains,

     Everyday there are people who are faced with many types of life’s situations. These situations could be a tragedy, excitement, misfortune and even heartbreak. Some are sudden while others can come with notice. But hope comes in knowing that there is someone that can be of assistance to you in your time of distress. Someone who can rejoice with you in a moment of joy. That is what the Chaplain is trained for. To be that silent strength or the voice you need to speak out.

     At True Fellowship International Chaplain Academy, we begin with basic training to launch your future of helping others. The resources that you learn will enable you to be acquainted with serving the society of our world. All courses are taught on a level that everyone will be able to understand and participate in. Being a Christian Chaplain educational establishment, the Bible is first and foremost in every part of our curriculum.

     As a Licensed Chaplain, I have found that our commitment can be challenging, but most of all it can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. So if you are looking at being active, giving aide, and bringing hope to the world then join us at True Fellowship International Chaplain Academy, where we prepare the way of holiness.


Best regards,

                                 Dr. S. J. Boykin