Going to school can be both exciting and financially challenging. This will most probably be one of the biggest investments you will make on your pathway to holiness.  At TFICA, our goal is to make education accessible and affordable to you. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payment options are available. Prospective students are encouraged to complete an application and payment options will be discussed at a later date.

Below is a list of the associated fees for registration, tuition, and textbooks for the courses.




Application  $ 95.00 (due upon acceptance)
Official Transcript $ 25.00
License & Ordination $ 125.00
Traditional Course $ 695.00
On line Course $ 495.00
Correspondence Course $ 575.00



Below is a list of the required books for the course. It is recommended that book purchases be made prior to the first day of school. 


The course textbooks are available for purchase from the TFICA store. However, coursebooks may be purchased from other outlets that sell books.


PLEASE NOTE: Some books may not be available for purchase at the TFICA store.

The Work of the Chaplain


Authors: Naomi K. Paget & Janet R. McCormack


ISBN: 978-0-8170-1499-5


Do you feel led to ministry outside the walls of the church?  This course book will uncover the historical and biblical foundations for chaplaincy.  The student will explore the universal chaplaincy issues of accountability, privacy, personal ethics, spiritual assessment and self-care.



For Better or For Worse


Author: S.J. Boykin


ISBN -978-1-387-71703-3


For Better or For Worse examines some of the challenges that couples face prior to and during marriage. It was written for the marriage minded who desire the best for their relationship. It gives a holy approach to dealing with situations that arise during marriage. 



For Better or For Worse Workbook


Author: S.J. Boykin


ISBN -978-1-387-71703-3


For Better or For Worse Workbook is the companion workbook to For Better or For Worse. It allows for discussion on the subject matters discussed in the book. It was written for the marriage minded who desire the best for their relationship. The book can be purchased in class.


Sharpen Your Discernment


Author: Roberts Liardon


ISBN: 1-57778-029-9




From the Scriptures, author Roberts Liardon sets you on the path to pursuing a life marked by wisdom.


Strategic Spiritual Warfare


Authors: Ray Beeson & Patricia Hulsey


ISBN: 07852-7992-5




A great war is being waged in the spiritual world: a personal battle between the flesh and the spirit, a social battle greatly influenced by the forces of evil, a spiritual battle against evil supernatural powers.  This course will train the students strategically on how to arm themselves.